Adobe Creative Suite 3

A new section at Apple’s web page talks about the new Adobe Creative Suite and how it works with Intel Macs. What’s interesting is Flash CS3 and DreamWeaver CS3. Now that Macromedia was purchased by Adobe, Flash and DreamWeaver are now in the Creative SuiteNew intergration between the apps has been added. Import Photoshop and Illustrator files into Flash and export them into DreamWeaver. The new suite includes better spotlight support and access. Make Photoshop CS3 your image editing application for iPhoto.

You can preorder now at Adobe’s web page.


Gadget of the Week: HP PSC 1350 All-in-One

This is the first of many Gadget of the week’s I will be posting. What I’ll do is take a different gadget that I use and blog about it every week. Simple no?

This week’s gadget is my HP PSC 1350 All in one printer, scanner, copier. It prints, it scans, and yes…it copies but one thing that it’s predecessors of it’s kind didn’t do is import images into your computer from any flash card type available. Continue reading

Mac Heist 2?

For those of you who know what Mac Heist is, you’ll love this post. For those of you who don’t, Mac Heist was a really huge online event that involved solving online puzzles or “Heists” to get a code which you would type in and get a free licence to a shareware app as well as a discount to a huge bundle filled with amazing shareware apps for the Mac. There were 5 Heists before the bundle and 16,821 were sold making an outstanding $200,000 for charity. In an interview with John Casasanta “one of the main people behind Mac Heist” the topic of Mac Heist 2 was brought up and so was the answer.

“MacHeist 2 will definitely be happening around the same time as it did last year.” – John Casasanta during this interview.

If you would like to read the interview, click here! Sorry for a really out of the blue post today. I’ve been very busy setting up a few things for…well…read the previous post. =P

PowerMate Review

PowerMateI bet you that every day you end up scrolling through web pages or scrolling through documents and large pictures. And! I bet that you might get tired of doing that every day. Well I’ve got a solution for you! =D It’s called the PowerMate from Griffin Technology. This is the one accessory that will take your scrolling pains and through them out the window. This is one of the most innovative ideas since Swiss cheese! It looks like someone took one of those old metal amplifier knobs and stuck a USB interface into it…well…that’s basically what it is. Continue reading

Most Innovative…Desk?

I recently saw this desk on the internet…don’t ask how or why. But It’s pretty sweet! It has a built in Fish tank, Pen Holder, Garbage Bin, File Cabnets, and a Height Adjuster for all of you clutter. Oh and Did I mention it’s only available in Denmark?

Very Inovative Desk