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No, I’m not dead nor am I quitting to blog. The reason that there haven’t been many posts recently is because of this. There comes a time in every blogger’s life when one must move up in the sphere and get their very own server. Mine, of course, will be dubbed By looking at the URL you can tell that it will be first and foremost my blog. I plan to be focusing on a few categories: Apple/technology, Design, blogging, and a few personal posts here and there. I am also looking at subscribing to a full-featured flickr account to show more of my photos. Be sure to update your bookmarks and RSS readers. Click on the banner to go to



Have you ever wanted to capture an entire web page to a .pdf, .png, .jpg etc? Of course you could do it the hard way and take screenshots while you scroll down but the result of that ends up in a less efficient bundle of images especially if the page you are capturing is miles long. But wait! There’s another way! Printing to .pdf! Safari can print a .pdf of your web page. The down side to this is that it is divided into pages and only shows printable content. Introducing Paparazii!

Paparazzi! is a web page capturing utility designed with the user in mind. Simply enter the URL of any web page and click the big “Capture” button. Paparazzi! shows you a preview of that web page. Click the “Save Image As…” button to, of course, save your image. Now you have a choice of file types. JPEG, PDF, PNG, and TIFF. I definitely recommend the PDF file type. It saves everything including the text. Choose whether or not to include a thumbnail icon, and hit “Save”. Walah! The captured web page is now saved in a perfect image file.