MacApper and Widgets

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was very busy with school work and my latest endeavor; MacApper. I’ve been following MacApper for almost a month now and have wanted to be a part of it. Now my dream’s come true and I received my email welcoming me tot he team. I’ve sent in a few drafts including my Disco review. Have no fear, this will not stop me from posting here. I happen to have a few features up my sleeve.

A month or two ago, I made a widget that follows my blog and displays my new posts. That widget was nice but it really didn’t flow with the design of my blog. Today, I’m releasing an updated version that matches my blog, and views the images. Right now I am working on my own, personal Twitter widget which will show all of my tweets that I send each day. I’m almost finished with it and will most likely post it up tomorrow. You can find my widgets at the download page. I’m off to write some more! Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “MacApper and Widgets

  1. Welcome to the MacApper team!

    I actually made a widget for my blog a while back, but never bothered to finish it. However, it looked shockingly like that one! Haha, did you make yours in Dashcode too?

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