Review: Disco

Introducing the greatest disk-burning application since Roxio Toast Titanium, Disco! Disco is completely user-friendly and has an amazingly beautiful interface. Disco has quite a number of features. “Spanning” which allows you to burn large files or folders over a number of disks. “Discography” which allows you to index all of the files and folders on each of your disks with easy searching. It even includes multisession support for burning more than once to a disk. Perhaps the greatest feature of Disco, however, is the smoke effect during burning sessions. Here is my full review of Disco.

Disco’s Proud User Interface

In the current generation of software development that we live in, the guidelines for creating applications have changed. Applications don’t just focus on functionality anymore but feature a grand interface that is pleasing to the eye and exciting to use. We have come to know this generation as the “Delicious Generation.” Disco has been dubbed the head of this generation. There has been a lot of controversy whether Disco is one of these apps and whether it is a full-fledged application or not.Disco's main window: Actual Size

Disco is an amazing application that does it’s job very well and is fun to use. The first thing you’ll notice when opening Disco is it’s uniquely small window. When you think about all of the disk-burning apps out there, you usually think of a big, white window with many buttons that control your burning speed or whether you want to write a Mac/PC compatible disk etc. For Disco, this simply isn’t the case. All you need to do, is drag the files you want to burn into the main window and Bam! Disco calculates the sizes and how many disks you will need to burn. Title the disk and press the shiny burn button. Then the fun begins.

Burning a Disk

Once you hit the burn button and insert your disk, Disco makes a stunning smoke effect that pops right out of the top of the window. This smoke is very interactive allowing you to play with the it by moving your mouse through the smoke or (as I recently just learned this by accident) blowing into the microphone. This makes burning a large disk seem to happen quicker because ”time flies by when you’re having fun.” Once your disk is finished, it will go through numerous verifications for file names and sizes etc. Your disk is finished and ready to be used.

Other Features

Disco’s list of features doesn’t stop there. Disco is an outstanding disk-copying app, as well. Simply insert your original and hit the copy button. Disco handles the rest. Just like burning, you’ll get the fancy smoke effect and the verifying step. Another hefty feature is the ability to turn your disks into disk images. This makes it easy for you to save the contents of your disk onto your computer whether it’s a CD or a DVD.

System Requirements

Disco is a Universal Binary, meaning that you can run it smoothly on an Intel or a Power PC Mac. You, of course, need a CD burner to burn your CDs and a Super Drive to burn DVDs. In order to get the smoke effect, you do need a fairly recent Mac with a reasonable graphics card but not to worry. With the recent release of Disco 1.0 the supported Mac list has grown. All of the other features will work perfectly otherwise.

Purchasing Disco

Disco sells for $29.95 USD and is available today! They have announced that within a year, you will see Disco on store shelves. This app is highly recommended for all Mac users. You will never want to go back to conventional disk burning again!


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