I can’t believe I won! I entered a contest at the wphj blog and won a copy of iClip 4! Yay! =D I installed it quicker than you can see a jack rabbit on a log rolling down the hickory smokes of the Titanic. I’ve heard about it before. iClip is the best clip board manager…ever!

iClip is simple to use. You simply drag and drop things into the little “portal like” clips. Then you can drag or paste them out! The first clip is always your clip board and you can make as many clips as you’d like! You can even make new sets that are like different tabs of clips. I could get used to this. =P

I’ve placed it on the left of my screen for easy viewing but I haven’t gotten used to the keyboard short cuts…well duh considdering that I’ve only had it for less then an hour.

Well, here’s to many happy iClip 4 memories! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. Now all I have do is add it to my log in items. Well, See ya ’round


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