The New Airport Extreme

If you’ve looked around the web recently you’ll notice there’s a lot of controversy over Apple’s new Airport Extreme wireless router. It’s basically about Apple using the new 802.11 n standard…well technically it’s not a standard yet. Did you know that all of the recen’t Intel Macs have been 802.11 n ready? Well one of the main points of the controversy is that you have to pay $2 (USD) to enable it. Please note that if you buy the new router, you’ll get the enabler for free.

What’s So Special?

Let’s put it simply. Think about the speed of Airport Extreme, but 5x faster and 2x the range! This is a huge speed boost. Another great feature is that it’s more compatible with PC users. This makes it easy to run your wireless network at a business that requires the use of multiple platforms.

Print sharing..file sharing…..Disk Sharing?

That’s right! Now you can share a hard drive over your wireless network. This makes it so much easier to save files from multiple Macs not to mention backing up.

New Admin Utility

This new admin utility is great. From what I’ve seen, it’s been dramatically improved by design and functionality. Simply click on your router in the left side of the screen, and change your settings. Very useful.

In the end

This is definitely a great upgrade. If you aren’t using it for the speed, use it for the extra features such as the Hard Disk sharing and extra PC support. This is said to be a great companion to the Up Coming Apple TV.


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