When Apple showed Safari RSS during the Developer’s Conference, it really kicked off my usage of RSS feeds. After a year of using it with blogs, my bookmarks bar was beginning to fill up. I ended up putting them in a folder but that really didn’t help either. So then I began my search. I looked at NetNewsWire because I’d heard of it before, however it didn’t catch my eye. Don’t get me wrong, NetNewsWire is a great app. It just didn’t have the design I was looking for. Then I remembered looking at an app a while ago that was fully functional, yet extremely beautiful and user friendly. The application I chose was NewsFire.


Why NewsFire?

NewsFire is a very well planned and well written app. Simply press the add button and enter your feed URL. Automatically NewsFire finds the feed and it’s title. Once you’ve added your feeds you can organize them into groups. I made a group just for blogs as well as one for news. You can make as many as you’d like. The design is what really gets me. With it’s sleek columns and shiny bars, I couldn’t refuse this one.

Purchasing NewsFire

NewsFire runs for $18.99 (USD) as a standard licence but for an extra $9 you can get free upgrades for life. Add another $9 and you can get a family pack of 3 licences. Please note that all of these customizations are optional.

Closing Remarks
NewsFire is, in my opinion, the best RSS reader for the mac and is Highly Recommended.


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