Mac Heist 2?

For those of you who know what Mac Heist is, you’ll love this post. For those of you who don’t, Mac Heist was a really huge online event that involved solving online puzzles or “Heists” to get a code which you would type in and get a free licence to a shareware app as well as a discount to a huge bundle filled with amazing shareware apps for the Mac. There were 5 Heists before the bundle and 16,821 were sold making an outstanding $200,000 for charity. In an interview with John Casasanta “one of the main people behind Mac Heist” the topic of Mac Heist 2 was brought up and so was the answer.

“MacHeist 2 will definitely be happening around the same time as it did last year.” – John Casasanta during this interview.

If you would like to read the interview, click here! Sorry for a really out of the blue post today. I’ve been very busy setting up a few things for…well…read the previous post. =P


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