New Leopard Screen Shots

New Mac OS X Leopard screenshots have surfaced. Many of these are minor but very useful. Features from these screenshots include and updated address book photo shoot, spotlight search saving, and Previews of tabs in Safari.

Address Book Photo Shoot
One of the more interesting features is the Address Book photo shoot. Here, you can take photos with your computer’s iSight or web cam like last time, but this time it comes with a nice twist. Now you can add really cool effects to your pictures. Distortions like “bulge” and “black & white” as well as filters such as blur, city lights and ASCIII.

address book photo effects

Spotlight Search Saving
A minor feature includes the ability to save searches in spotlight. Now I know what you’re thinking. Can’t I already do that with smart folders? Well, yes you can however spotlight will also allow you to quickly save and later access searches in it’s new spotlight pane.

spotlight search saving

Preview Tabs in Safari

This one is what I’ve been waiting for. A lot of new browsers such as “Shiira” and OmniWeb get downloaded by this feature. Simply hover over a tab and Safari will show you an updated thumbnail as well as the title of the site.

Safari Tab Previews

So there you have it. These are only a few of the new features from the recent build of Mac OS X Leopard. Stay tuned!


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