PowerMate Review

PowerMateI bet you that every day you end up scrolling through web pages or scrolling through documents and large pictures. And! I bet that you might get tired of doing that every day. Well I’ve got a solution for you! =D It’s called the PowerMate from Griffin Technology. This is the one accessory that will take your scrolling pains and through them out the window. This is one of the most innovative ideas since Swiss cheese! It looks like someone took one of those old metal amplifier knobs and stuck a USB interface into it…well…that’s basically what it is.

PowerMate Prefs PaneSimply plug it in, install the packaged software, and Boom! You’re ready to go. The system preferences pane is fairly simple. Griffin Tech included some presets right out of the package such as Safari, iTunes, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint DVD Player, Quick Time Player and a few more. You can also add a setting for any application on your Mac or PC. As long as it has a keyboard short cut for PowerMate to use. Choose the action that you do in the PowerMate such as “Rotate Right” then tell it what key it should press such as “Apple + Up Arrow”. After that click Apply Now and your settings are saved and ready to be used.

I basically use it to scroll through web pages, blogs and forums but the possibilities are endless. Not to mention it’s a great volume knob xD. If you do a lot of scrolling, I recommend this accessory for you.

Price: $45


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