To Texas!

I’ll be on a plane to texas within the hour. If you’d like any updates, feel free to follow my twitter. I’m not sure about internet access there so cross your fingers for me. C ya soon!


New iTunes Store Features

The iTunes Store is now home to two new features. My Alerts and Complete My Album. My Alerts allows you to send email notifications to yourself when new content is available from already purchased music. The My Alerts page shows recent updates to your music, and has a “Send Me Email Notifications” link at the top right corner. The next new feature is called “Complete My Album”. Let’s say you bought a song from an album you like. iTunes will now reduce the price of the whole, supported album for a limited time (6 months after purchase). Now you don’t have to be charged twice when buying the full album.

Adobe Creative Suite 3

A new section at Apple’s web page talks about the new Adobe Creative Suite and how it works with Intel Macs. What’s interesting is Flash CS3 and DreamWeaver CS3. Now that Macromedia was purchased by Adobe, Flash and DreamWeaver are now in the Creative SuiteNew intergration between the apps has been added. Import Photoshop and Illustrator files into Flash and export them into DreamWeaver. The new suite includes better spotlight support and access. Make Photoshop CS3 your image editing application for iPhoto.

You can preorder now at Adobe’s web page.

Xtorrent and Inquisitor Finally Out of Beta

xtorrent logoXTorrent is the (Fillet Minong) of Bit Torrent applicatons. With it’s easy to use interface, one-one click downloading, and amazing searching, this is the best in the buisness. XTorrent is a must have if you are into the Bit Torrent craze. XTorrent is $20 and is highly recommended.

inquisitor's logoInquisitor is spotlight searching for the web. Inquires appear as you type in a simple, effective pull-down menu. Inquisitor had more 300,000 downloads in just five months. Now it’s out of beta and the best part of it is that it’s free.

How To: 1 Touch White Balance

iLife `06 includes an updated version of iPhoto. One of the new features is it’s photo manipulation dashboard. Sliders on the bottom allow you to change the lights and darks in your photo. Other sliders allow you to change the over all temperature of the image making it look cooler (bluer/greener) or warmer (redder/oranger/yellower).

Adjusting your photo can be a hassle. Did you know you can fix the color and over all white balance of your photo with one click? To do this, simply hold the Apple button while clicking on a part of your image that you are positively sure is white. iPhoto automatically adjusts the white balance and temperature to make that part white, fixing your image.

Kiro mini

As promised, here’s my latest widget; Kiro mini. This widget goes to my twitter account and takes all of my recent Tweets and displays them in a small, matching widget. It’s available now in the downloads section. Enjoy! =D

MacApper and Widgets

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was very busy with school work and my latest endeavor; MacApper. I’ve been following MacApper for almost a month now and have wanted to be a part of it. Now my dream’s come true and I received my email welcoming me tot he team. I’ve sent in a few drafts including my Disco review. Have no fear, this will not stop me from posting here. I happen to have a few features up my sleeve.

A month or two ago, I made a widget that follows my blog and displays my new posts. That widget was nice but it really didn’t flow with the design of my blog. Today, I’m releasing an updated version that matches my blog, and views the images. Right now I am working on my own, personal Twitter widget which will show all of my tweets that I send each day. I’m almost finished with it and will most likely post it up tomorrow. You can find my widgets at the download page. I’m off to write some more! Thanks for reading!


One of the highlighting features of Mac OS X Tiger is Spotlight. Spotlight is an extremely fast searching system embedded into the entire OS. All you have to do is go to the top right corner of the screen and click the little magnifying glass to show a text menu. Spotlight automatically searches all of the meta data (text and info inside files) to find the file you are looking for.

So why am I telling you this? I’m telling you this because Inquisitor does the same thing except this time, it searches the web. That’s right! All you have to do is type in your search and Inquisitor goes out “while you are typing” and shows you your top results and suggestions in a fancy little drop-down menu. What’s even better is that it counts how many times you’ve been to that page so you don’t go in circles. By default Inquisitor searches Google. One of the nice features of Inquisitor is the ability to add multiple search engines.

This is a must have for Safari users. To get this amazing plugin, you have to pay the amazing amount of Free! Go ahead and download here.

Spring Cleaning

It’s getting to be that time of year again! Because my desktop and documents folders were getting so crowded, I decided to clean up early. Now, my desktop is Extremely clear with only my Hard Drive, iDisk, and Developer folder showing. I’ve also organized my mail app so that I can have a clean inbox every morning. I think I’ve taken 5 gigabytes off in the two hours I’ve worked. Now I’m starting to get a system going for my blog entries and such. This new file system should help. Ah, just smell the fresh pixels.