Welcome to a world where Instant Messengers are as common as the word (toothpick). You’d ask someone what their AIM is and they’d say “Oh I have MSN” or “No I don’t use yahoo I use AIM” and so on and so forth. Or maybe you want to talk to someone else but their IM isn’t the same as yours. Have no fear there is a cure for this. The cure is called Adium.

Adium’s a kinda soup right?Adium's Buddylist Window

Wrong! Adium’s a multi client Instant Messanger application. That’s right! No more AIM, MSN, YHM or any other three letter IM clients. Adium is all of those and more built into one. First you set up your main account. This could be any account you have. Enter all of your info including your profile and off it goes!


Adium’s cusomization goes on without limits. You can create different window styles, different icons, fonts and styles, icons, the list goes on and on. And it’s open source making int extremely customizable.

All and all

Adium is my number 1 choice for Instant Messanging and it will allways be. The fact that it supports all of the popular IM clients makes it easy to chat online with anyone!


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