How many of you know the Iconfactory? They are a group of people who originally made icons for the Mac. They’ve been doing this pretty much when it was possible. Later on they developed software and now have become a giant in the computer graphics and software world. but now they’re adding a new chapter to their book: Mac Games.

…Ya? So? Frienzic?

Frenzic is one of the most innovative and addicting games I’ve ever seen on the Mac. It involves quick reflexes and sharp recognition. It’s easy to learn but takes years to master xD “and that’s their slogan.”

How to Play

Frenzic is pretty easy to understand. Simply put the pie piece in the right spot before the timer runs out. One thing: Try to get the same color. If you get a full pie with the same color, you get a new life. Get a full colored pie in the right spot and you can get a power up. Use them to help you increase your score in various ways.

It’s a big Frenzic world out there

Playing Frenzic by yourself is one thing, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Perhaps one of the greatest features of Frenzic is the online part. Frenzic’s online system is purely subscription based. This means that you have to pay $9.95 for 6 months. When you purchase Frenzic you automatically get 6 months of fun. However, when you would like more, simply hit the big, green, Buy button at their site and choose for 6 more months.

But! There is a better way. The option I chose was the Frenzic Guru Bundle for $24.95. It includes unlimited local play “meaning you get to play it for more than an hour” and Unlimited Internet connectivity! This is a great deal because it costs you less in the long run. It’s not even that expensive.

Now that we’ve gotten the pricing out of the way, let’s talk about what the online feature gives you. First of all you get a profile complete with avitars and statistics like “the % of full colored pies you get” and such. Then it keeps track of your scores and syncs them up to their servers for others to view. Have you seen the score board?! These people are AMAZING at this game xD. All and all the internet feature definitely brings you back to the game.

Frenzic is an amazing game. It’s extremely addictive and fun to play. The online profile and scoring system make this game competitive and brings you back. I definately recommend this one.

Until Next Time!



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