What is Twitter?

How many of you have heard of Twitter? Twitter “I think” can be the most innovative short hand blog….Ever! But what am I saying? let’s back up a few pixels and and start from the beginning.

What really is Twitter?

Twitter is a service that allows you to send in messages answering the simple question, “What are you doing?” You simply sign up for a free account “no strings attached” and enter your answer.

How can i fit Twitter into my daily Lifestyle?

Twitter has an abundance of features meaning there are multiple ways to view and send in Tweets: twitter message. One of these ways is by use of your cell phone. In your account settings, enter in your cell phone number and Walah! When you track another member you can choose to have his or her tweets sent to your phone as text messages. But wait! There’s more! xD It also works the other away around.. You can also send text messages to your twitter account this making it the most mobile short-hand blogging service out there. Another way is by Instant Messager. Just like the cell phone feature you can easily hoock your IM client to twitter, however I think there is an even better option.


Twitterrific developed by the Iconfactory is a new application that makes it easy to view and send tweets right from your desktop. Simply enter your twitter information and it will do ther rest. Twitterrific may be fully functional but what really gets me is it’s sleek Iconfactory design. This app is also free.

The…um End?

I hope this article/blog entry/time consuming paper written during study hall has inspired you to try out twitter. Please don’t hesitate to comment. you can find twitter @ If you’d like my twitter name just ask. =D

©2007 Kiro


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