Top 3 iPod Games

Ever since word came out that you could play breakout “Brick” on your iPod, many people “including me” were wondering what Apple could do in the future. The answer was given when Apple released their third generation iPod which added a games menu filed with Brick, Solitaire, Parachute and later Music Quiz. Now with the 5th Generation iPod with a Beautiful 2.5 inch screen in full color, you can not only play Brick, Parachute, Solitaire (and well..I’m not sure music quiz counts xD) in full color, but now Apple has worked with a few partners and created some new games purchasable at the iTunes Store. =O

I’ve chosen a few games to buy and so far I like them. After playing them for some time, I’ve decied to review them and post it in my blog. The three I’ve chosen are Vortex, Zuma, and Cubis 2.

Vortex is what I think the best iPod game out there. This game is basically a Round 3D Breakout game. What you do is use the scroll wheel to move a panel around the screen and hit the ball down the screen thus hitting the blocks causing them to explode in the process. Just like a typical break out game isn’t it? Apple has released a demo to the outside world. This demo includes 2 levels or you to try out while the full version includes an infinite ammount of levels and some special, extra featrues. =P

Another game I’ve chosen is Zuma. I’ve played this game on my cell phone and I really liked it. What you do is use the scroll wheel to change the path of a small pebble and shoot it between two other pebbles. The object of the game is to get all of the pebbles off of the screen before they roll into the sun 0.o You have to look at the screenshot to believe/understand it. xD Check it out!

The last game is Cubis 2. This is the most recent one I’ve purchased. Cubis 2 is where you try to match 3 or more cubes in a 3D field. You can stack them and push them. Crack them and blow them up…That’s pretty much it. xD Check out the screenshots to learn more about this game.

So there you have it! =D Apple has done an Amazing job with these games and I hope to see and review more in the near future!


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