Top 5 Mac Apps

Hey everyone! Kiro here to bring you my top 5 mac apps for the year so far. They will be organized from 5 all the way to the best. So enjoy!

Number 5: Podcast Maker

Main Window of Podcast Maker

Podcast maker from potion factory is an amazing app. I use it to make my AC4Life Podcast episodes. Simply drag on your audio file and edit the information above. Then Podcast Maker does the rest. It handles the RSS feeds, the Images, and of course: the publishing. It has a built in FTP client that allows you to browse and locate the folder you are looking for to save it in. Plus it has a .Mac favorite saved in it already.

I chose it for number 5 because it has a pretty good sence of style. It’s simple buttons and design make it easy to author your very own podcast. With a built in preview, you can see exactally what you’ll see it iTunes “if you publish it to iTunes” and it has a built in Chapter editor with an iTunes like interface.

Number 4: Transmit

Transmit's Main Window

Transmit from Panic is one cool app. I don’t know what I’d do without it. It’s the best FTP Client for the Mac…Ever! They definately know what they’re doing over there because they did an amazing job. Setup is simple. You enter the address then your username and password. After that it access and poof! Just drag your files onto the right side “The Online Disk’s files” and it copies it right to it. On the left is a view of your files where you could drag and drop from there as well. When you want to delete something, just drag it to the trash. Another useful feature is tabs. In their latest version you can now use tabs to quickly access more than one disk at a time. Simple hit apple + T “just like safari” and a new tab pops up.

I chose it because it features some pretty nice…featuers. Tabs only scratches the surface. It features a built in text editor which allows you to edit your html, css, php, and other text based web/programing files. Not to mention the easy preview for images.

Number 3: Flock

Flock's Main Window

Flock is an amazing piece of work. It’s evolved so much over the idea of a “social web browser”. It’s outstanding how they’ve accomplished it. And yet it’s still in the beta stages. Flock is based off of Mozilla’s FireFox.

The reason I chose this as number 3 is because of its abillities as a social web browser. The main thing you’ll notice right off the bat is the image bar going across the top. Here you can easily view yours or anyone else’s Flickr or Photobucket account. What’s more is that you can favorite them and Flock will let you know when there are new photos. Flock also has a built in Bloging utility. This allows you to post straight to your blog from your web browser. On the bottom you’ll notice that you can store snippits of web pages and images that you can access at a later time or blog. There’s a useful featuer. Add all of that plus a great design and you get number 3.

Number 2: AppZapper

Now this is a beautifull app. It definatly deserves to be Number 2. And Now I’ll tell you why. Their slogan is: It’s the Uninstaller that Apple forgot. Note how I said Apple because apple should use this app. All you do is drag and drop an application and it will tell you what files it relates to and what files it uses. Then all you have to do is hit the big Zap button. It also zaps widgets and plugins. You can click the genie lamp and it will search for everything. And when I say everything, I mean Everything! You can search and sort your apps and such. Then hit zap. Please note about “safe apps”. These are apps that you can just drag to the trash. AppZapper won’t zap them because it doesn’t need to. Smart!

Number One: Disco

Yes this is the top app on my list. Disco! The greatest Disk Burning App Ever! From burning filse and disk images, to copying multiple disks, to burning a huge amount of space on a bunch of disks “or DVDs”, to burning multiple sessions, to the amazing smoke effect when it burns. =D Did I mention that it’s still in beta? Well..for about 12 more hours. It’s going out of beta tomorrow “Monday, February 12th” and I will be there. Disco also organizes everything that it burns to yor disk. You then can search for a file even when it’s not there. All in all Disco is an amazing app and it Deserves to be Number One!

All of these apps have created a typhoon in the Apple Software community. And some day, I hope to be up there with them.


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