Disco 1.0!

Well you knew this was coming! Unless you haven’t read any previous posts then Tada! Disco is finally out of beta and out in the wild! After a while of programing, testing, and well programing, it’s finally here. Check out their page at discoapp.com. It includes a slew of bug fixes and more.

Features Include:

  • Diskography which allows you to index your burned material so you can search for it even though it’s not there.
  • Spanning is also a great feature. When you have too much data to fit on one disk, Disco spreads the files onto multiple CD’s or DVDs.
  • Amazing Smoke Effects that you can interact with with your mouse. 1.0 increases the supported Macs.
  • Multi-Session suppor
  • And Much, Much More!

So check out Disco if you haven’t already. Then you’ll see why it’s at the top of my list “see last post”.


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