Shiira 2

This thing is freakin’ sweet! Have you checked it out yet? Shiira is an open source web browser created by these really cool people in ..uh..Japan? I’ve followed them for a while and so far they’ve been making some great strides toward this browser. Just recently…Well December of last year (2006) they’ve released a public beta of Shiira 2. These guys are soo inspiring to me. I really can’t wait to learn and create something like this:
There tabbed browsing feature is so cool. It puts it in little thumbnails like OmniWeb. I love how they used dashboards for an extra bookmarks and history pannel. But what really gets me is the shelf. It’s just like safari’s bookmarks..uh…page, but with style. I really urge you to check this out. It is really nice. Click Here! <–Not a download link.

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