PS3 Price Cut?

Sony finally realized what they need to do to boost PS3 sales…a price-cut. They are now considering a lower price the the system for this coming year to help boost sales and return Sony’s game division to profitability.

That may seem very counter-intuitive since they are already loosing money on the system, but it will be much better for Sony in the long run if they get more systems in the hands of consumers. The benefits for Sony would be:

* More system sales, which will lead to more purchasing of profitable games and accessories
* More publishers would want to make games for the system
* Increased video game market share, and it would help fend off the popularity of the Xbox 360 and Wii
* Increased Blu-ray install base, which would sell more of Sony’s proprietary format

Sony should take a hard look at their sales figures and drop the PS3 price as much as possible to increase the adoption rate. This would be the best thing not only for Sony, but also for fans that want the system to become number one. Let’s all hope the price-drop is sooner rather than later.

Playstation 3 – Sony finally realizes what is needed, a price-cut · Video Game VS

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