Welcome to a world where Instant Messengers are as common as the word (toothpick). You’d ask someone what their AIM is and they’d say “Oh I have MSN” or “No I don’t use yahoo I use AIM” and so on and so forth. Or maybe you want to talk to someone else but their IM isn’t the same as yours. Have no fear there is a cure for this. The cure is called Adium. Continue reading



How many of you know the Iconfactory? They are a group of people who originally made icons for the Mac. They’ve been doing this pretty much when it was possible. Later on they developed software and now have become a giant in the computer graphics and software world. but now they’re adding a new chapter to their book: Mac Games. Continue reading


What is Twitter?

How many of you have heard of Twitter? Twitter “I think” can be the most innovative short hand blog….Ever! But what am I saying? let’s back up a few pixels and and start from the beginning.

What really is Twitter?

Twitter is a service that allows you to send in messages answering the simple question, “What are you doing?” You simply sign up for a free account “no strings attached” and enter your answer. Continue reading

Most Innovative…Desk?

I recently saw this desk on the internet…don’t ask how or why. But It’s pretty sweet! It has a built in Fish tank, Pen Holder, Garbage Bin, File Cabnets, and a Height Adjuster for all of you clutter. Oh and Did I mention it’s only available in Denmark?

Very Inovative Desk

Top 3 iPod Games

Ever since word came out that you could play breakout “Brick” on your iPod, many people “including me” were wondering what Apple could do in the future. The answer was given when Apple released their third generation iPod which added a games menu filed with Brick, Solitaire, Parachute and later Music Quiz. Now with the 5th Generation iPod with a Beautiful 2.5 inch screen in full color, you can not only play Brick, Parachute, Solitaire (and well..I’m not sure music quiz counts xD) in full color, but now Apple has worked with a few partners and created some new games purchasable at the iTunes Store. =O

Continue reading


I couldn’t help but laugh on this one. I was burning a DVD and I don’t know what happened but here’s what Disco says when it makes an error on the disk! xD I literally laughed out-loud!


Hey everyone! I guess I should keep you guys up to date with my latest develping news and such. =D Well right now I’ve created a team of web developers, graphic artists, and community administrators to create great things in the online world. Our Name? …now don’t prejudge. xD Gar-Bage! Yep…Gar-Bage! Remember this name =D.

We will be doing quite a lot of things including:

  • Web Development
  • Graphic Arts
  • Widgets
  • Mac Applications
  • Firefox Extentions

Progress is steady. But we have a long way to go and I have no doubt that we will succeed. =D

Disco 1.0!

Well you knew this was coming! Unless you haven’t read any previous posts then Tada! Disco is finally out of beta and out in the wild! After a while of programing, testing, and well programing, it’s finally here. Check out their page at It includes a slew of bug fixes and more.

Features Include:

  • Diskography which allows you to index your burned material so you can search for it even though it’s not there.
  • Spanning is also a great feature. When you have too much data to fit on one disk, Disco spreads the files onto multiple CD’s or DVDs.
  • Amazing Smoke Effects that you can interact with with your mouse. 1.0 increases the supported Macs.
  • Multi-Session suppor
  • And Much, Much More!

So check out Disco if you haven’t already. Then you’ll see why it’s at the top of my list “see last post”.