Colored iPod Shuffles!

This is a smart move by Apple.  One of the thing that everyone loves about the iPod Nanos is how they com in different colors.  Now the most wearable iPod can match with anything!  Pretty Sweet!

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Podcast Maker

Podcast Maker is a tool for Mac OS X that makes podcasting simple. Novices can become podcasters and professionals can podcast with much less effort and time.

Everyone from AC4Life knows that I’m a podcaster. If you go back a few posts you’ll see that I do a weekly podcast with them. If you’re ever wondering what i use to make these podcasts go on the air, checkout Podcast Maker from Potion factory.

Podcast maker is a very simple yet powerful tool to easily convert any audio file into an episode for your podcast.

  • You can make Chapters
  • Send it to iTunes
  • Send it to your FTP server
  • Add PDF Files

And Much more!

It handles everything from the rss feed to the pictures in the chapters. i got this program for Christmas. Just one of the many programs I have in my massive, unlimited chest of programs. XD

Back to Blogging!

Sorry about the big gap between posts.  I’ve been extremely busy with school and GFX work.  I hope to be posting a lot in the next few days so keep an eye out for me!  By the way:

I Got a Wii!  I traded in my GameCube to take $50 off and I bought it.  It’s like the sweetest thing ever!  My Wii Code is: 8046-8554-5256-1281if you wanted to know.  Post a comment with your wii code if you would like and I’ll register you.  Stay Classy!

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Flock Screen Saver

Ok so I’ve created a screen saver for the every popular Web Browser: Flock.  If you’ve noticed in recent posts in the bottom right corner, it says “Blogged With Flock.”  That’s because you can blog straight from flock.  No strings attached!  Anyway here’s the link!  Check it out!


Oh and Mac only =p

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Okay so there’s this new thing called twitter and it’s really neat!  You basically post what you’re doing in a quick, small message.  Then the people who go to your site or are your friend in twitter get to instantly see it.  My twitter is: Kiro.  Enjoy!

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First Half of School Done!

Finally it’s the middle of the year!  Seems like it took forever…well sorta.  Well now that I think about it, it seemed to go pretty quick.  Well now I know how long the first half takes, here’s to the second half!  And Here’s to all of the great things I’ll do in the second half…Like take a dragon drawing class and such.  So C ya guys soon!

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First Episode Published!

Ok so after a lot of editing and work, we’ve finally published the first episode of our AC4Life Podcast.  It definately shows that this is our first so just to warn you…ya XD.  But anyway today’s Martain Luther King Day!  I get the whole day off today.  So now I just need to think of something to do XD!

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The Apple iPhone

This thing blew me to China and back with one glance!  This has to be Apple’s biggest and baddest product EVER!  A Mobile Phone, a Widescreen iPod, and a breakthrough Internet communications device.  Wow!  I will jump…no…Leap at the chance to see it in…April is it?  When it’s released.  Though I can’t imagine getting….$500 anytime soon….so I guess that means I’l ask my Mom or Dad for it…uh XD Christmas!  But seriously this thing is a monster in the “Smart Phone” section.  Insted of “clean up in isle 2”  it will be “Extream Wireless EXPLOSION in isle 3!’  I especially love the 2.0 megapixel camera.  Well I’d love to keep talking about how great this thing is but right now I’m shooting for a Wii! 

So C ya Soon!

Introducing iPhone

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AC4Life Podcast

Okay so after some decision making between some of the staff at AC4Life and myself, we are going to make a pod cast.  This will involve recording a live chat between, at the most, 5 people.  As well as editing it and sending it to the world wide web.  To do this I am using Apple’s Garage Band from their iLife suite, and Skype: A huge audio conferencing application that works with both Macs and PCs.  So that means we have a team which gets gaming news and reports it back.  Then we discuss it and record that.  Once that’s done I’ll work my magic and put it on the web as well as on iTunes.  Can’t wait till the First Episode!

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