The Plan…and an Update!

Ok so here’s the plan.  I will be going to Disney World for the first week of December.  This means that I might not be around, or I’ll bring exclusive live information with my powerbook from Orlando Florida.  “Which is quite likely” so that will be exciting.  If not I’ll have to try to post from my PSP.  So if that happens, then don’t expect some really leingthy posts if that happens.

So I have to do all of my make-up work ahead of time “My idea” on Saturday.  We’ll find out if it’s a good or bad idea then.  So those of you from AC4Life reading this “Here is the reason”.

So I’m now working in Adobe Illustrator to make some pretty good Vector graphics.  Of course I think there good but you’ll be the ones who vote.  Currently though I don’t have any available but they will be soon!  Btw my dad got a new laptop and I’ll be getting his “hand me down” PC.  It’s pretty good.  Fast and runs Windows XP.  So I soon will be Windows compatible!  But that won’t happend untill I get back from DISNEY WORLD!!!!!

So I’ll see ya real soon!  I might make a post before I leave…we’ll see!


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