Beta 2!

Ok so this is going pretty quickly.  After I published beta one “see previous post” I quickly started working on beta 2.  Beta too is an “updater” update.  It includes an automatic update feature.  So now all one has to do is click the “check for updates” menu option in the Application menu and Wala!  It goes to our server and finds our updates!  Magic huh?  So that’s it for beta!  Best get working on Beta 3!

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iCrossing is now Official!

So after a few weeks of development, iCrossing is now a reality. I’ve fixed the issue in which it only works on my machine. That means that I can release it out to the world! Now this is just a beta meaning that not all of the features are implimented however it is perfectlly safe to install onto your computer. Next beta will include the ability to update all by itself and it should include some cleaner interface design. So with that I give you…..iCrossing!

Download it now! Clicky

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PS3 Can Detect Faces in Pictures? Cool!

PS3 can detect faces in the Portrait Slide show mode

Here’s something interesting for all you PS3 owners out there. Someone who goes by the name digicam95 has just discovered something fun while checking out the PS3’s Portrait slide show mode.

digg – Blog: PS3 can detect faces in the Portrait Slide show mode

This is pretty sweet.  It zooms in on the faces.  If there are more than one, it pans through them.  Just wanted to share this cool little feature from the PS3.

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An Update

Ok so I guess I haven’t posted in a while…What’s new with me? Well I’m working with another administrator of AC4life to make their official site. This allows me to touch up on my web development skils and such. I’m also trying to work on iCrossing. In case you don’t know what that is, it a web browser based on nintendo’s high franchise “Animal Crossing: Wild World”. I’m staring to change the interface around and add more “animal crossing” elements to it. But It’s still a long ways away. Apparently I can’t get it to work on “other people’s” computers. It just opens and closes. If you can fix this problem, please send me an email or post a comment.

So that’s pretty much what’s new…I’m thinking of starting a podcast soon. Well see…

Ok well see you guys soon!

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Web Design Update!

Hey everyone!  It’s Kiro here!  Sorry for the long delay in posting, I’ve been extremely busy!  Any way, to explain one of the many reasons why I’ve been busy, I’ve decided to let you all in on a new project.  I’ve been chosen to make the score board for AC4Life‘s clan wars!  So here’s the first sketch!


So there it is!  Yes it’s just the first concept. 
There will me much more to come!

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Disney Post

Ok so Disney has come and gone.  So This is everything on that Disney page.  If you take the time to read it, I’ll be happy!

Hey everyone! This is Kiro Reporting live from Disney World! After
the grueling 2 hour flight to Orlando Florida, I’m proud to say that I
am Extremely happy and excited to be here. Yesterday went to Epcot.
This however is not my first trip to Disney but there have been many
new attractions such as Stitch’s Great Escape! Which is great! Today
I’m just relaxing and and am going to take a trip to Downtown Disney to
watch a great show in which I can’t pronounce but It’s gonna be really
fun. More news to come! Kiro!

Update: Ok so remember that show that I was going to see
before the first post? Will it’s called Cirque du Soleil! And it’s
amazing. If you’ve ever been to a circus befor, you haven’t seen
anything! It’s sooo amazing! There were trapize people and these weird
guys who were in these wired (w (i) (r) ed) circle things and they
rolled around using their weight. And there’s soooo much more.

Then we went to Planet Hollywood which is basically like a Big Hard Rock Café! So tonight was fun. I can’t Wait till tomorrow!

Update (2): Ok so I finally got permission to have 24 hours
of internet so now I can continue the story. And what a story this is
turning out to be! I turns out there will be some harsh weather when we
arrive in from the plane. However my parents decided to stay another
day so I’m going to stay at Disney for 2 more days! Yay!

Today we went to Animal Kingdom…it was…o.k..we got to see this
cool Lion King thingy and these neet talking christmas trees…but it
really doesn’t stand up to it’s older bros. “Epcot, Magic Kingdom, MGM
Studios” so ya not much to tell. But It was fun! K guys I’ll keep you

Update (3): Ok Guys Today’s the last day. The extra day. So
today we watched “Happy Feet” and it was pretty good. Then we ate lunch
and that was good too. I guess today’s just a (Relax and get ready for
tomorrow) type of day. So here we are. Tomorrow I might be on at the
Air Port but who knows? I’ll have 2 hours to wait for our plane there.
I’ll keep ya updated!

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Disney Page

I’ve added a Disney Page to the links bar.  So all of my new Disney Reports and information will be updated there!  Please note that if you are using an RSS Viewer to be notified of new information, that it will not show up for the Disney page.  Thanks!

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Disney World…Tomorrow!

Ok so I might not get the chance to write another entry.  I’m bringing my powerbook but I’m afraid that I might not get any access at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  But I might at the Airport before we take off.  So here I am with my school work done and with much anticipation, waiting to go to Disney World tomorrow.

Of course I still have to go to Basket Ball Practice.  But I’ll probably be up most of the night; that is if basketball won’t wear me out.  Can’t Wait! 

If I can I’ll make a new page for Disney.  Here’s to the hope that I can! *Clink*

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