It’s bigger!….It’s Better!…..It’s v1.0 beta! And It’s available now! The original beta was an amazing start, but this is a giant leap forward! Everything has been updated Laugh


As you can see the interface has been improved greatly! The tab view is gone since it was cocky and unreliable. Next to the URL box is a favicon shower….thingy. Foot in Mouth It’s about 10% faster than Firefox and Safari. I know you can’t see it now since there isn’t any page in the screen shot but there’s a progress bar and a status box on the bottom.

But even more importantly is the little N next to the favicon thingy! Click that and a notes dashboard appears. This is used for jotting down your thoughts while browsing at the same time. Drag links and text over as well as images. Then when you’re done, just copy the contents into your favorite text editor or word processor. But that’s not all! Laugh In the notes dashboard there is a built in Spell Checker.


2 thoughts on “iCrossing

  1. I’m still working on that…it seems the app only want’s to work on my machine. But as soon as I correct it, I’ll post it.

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